What Are The Most Desirable Neighborhoods In Colorado Springs?

When we get asked by someone “what is the most desirable neighborhood to live in in Colorado Springs“? The answer for us really always depends on what exactly you’re looking for in a home and in the area. Since we are local cash home buyers we do have some pretty decent insight into what we hear others echo pretty often.

Are you looking for green grass, or would you rather have mountain views and are able to see the granite boulders either in your yard or both? It can certainly make someone confused when they start to think about what they want.

Also some people have a preference to be close to schools, but some also have the desire to be far away from schools and secluded. Then comes the topic of HOA’s. Do you want to live in an HOA where everything is super organized or do you want the ability to do your own thing in terms of your yard? Obviously we can’t make the decision for you. But we can give you the facts and the data to make the best decision for yourself.

If you plan on moving to Colorado Springs in the near future this blog post will give you the info you need into some of our favorite Colorado Springs neighborhoods. We have been locals in Colorado Springs for 15 years. Here is our list (not in any particular order) for you to consider if your looking to move to Colorado Springs.


Peregrine is a really popular neighborhood in the city of Colorado Springs. The homes are are pretty unique and the location/area are really hard to beat. It’s in the northwest part of town and the neighborhood backs up to the United States Air Force Academy. You also have the Rocky Mountains to the west so you really don’t have to deal with any traffic. Its going to be extremely difficult to find a neighborhood that is as secluded as the peregrine neighborhood.

A part from it being so private and secluded is the views that you can see from the area, and especially the night time views. You can pretty much see any area of town from this area. All you have to do is drive through Peregrine and you will see exactly why this is one of the top neighborhoods in the Colorado Springs

⭕️ Median Sales Price: $845,000

⭕️ Average Home Size: 4,100 sq. ft.

⭕️ Average Year Built: 1997

Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley located in the 80904 zip code of Colorado Springs. Most people when they talk about Pleasant valley they talk about it and say it’s one of the cutest neighborhoods in the city. Its pretty much in the heart of Colorado Springs and it feels a little bit like you went back in time because of the mature trees, its pretty close to Garden Of The Gods Park which is one of the most attractive areas of Colorado Springs.

The homes are quite a bit older as most of them were built in the mid 1900’s. If you are looking for great views of Pikes Peak Westmoor Park which is in Pleasant Valley has great views. There are also lots of things to do that are sports related like basketball courts, tennis courts, a softball field, and just lots of green grass to play in. If your looking for an older home with lots of character you really can’t go wrong living in Pleasant Valley.

⭕️ Median Sales Price: $485,000

⭕️ Average Home Size: 2,000 sq. ft.

⭕️ Average Year Built: 1962

Flying Horse-

Talking about Colorado Springs neighborhoods without mentioning Flying Horse is nearly impossible. This luxury Tuscan-style neighborhood is Classic Homes’ flagship development, featuring the award-winning Flying Horse Golf Course, one of Colorado’s most exceptional.

The Lodge at Flying Horse impresses even the most discerning guests, while the Flying Horse Steakhouse ranks among the best restaurants in town. The neighborhood offers a range of homes, from million-dollar luxury mansions to affordable patio homes. Its location provides beautiful views of the Front Range mountains, creating a stunning backdrop to the lush golf course.

⭕️ Median Sales Price: $890,000

⭕️ Average Home Size: 4,020 sq. ft.

⭕️ Average Year Built: 2019

Woodman Hills-

Finding a home with a large yard at an average price in Colorado Springs is challenging, but that’s what makes Woodmen Hills special. Many homes here feature oversized yards with ample privacy, and homeowners benefit from the freedoms of an inactive HOA. Additionally, the Antler Creek Golf Course runs through the neighborhood’s northern section, offering expansive views. Such abundant green space at this price point is rare.

Woodmen Hills boasts parks, trails, a pool, and two recreation centers scattered throughout the neighborhood. It also shares a border with Meridian Ranch, providing even more trail options. The popularity of Woodmen Hills grows yearly as new developments trend toward smaller yards. As local land becomes scarcer, Woodmen Hills‘ generous green spaces are likely to make it a favorite among future residents.

⭕️ Median Sales Price: $450,000

⭕️ Average Home Size: 2,760 sq. ft.

⭕️ Average Year Built: 2004

Pine Creek-

Pine Creek is one of the original luxury golf-course neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, centered around the Pine Creek Golf Course and offering stunning views of Pikes Peak. As you drive through the community, it’s evident that residents take great pride in their lawns, resulting in consistently beautiful landscaping. Manicured trails and parks are scattered throughout the neighborhood.

Pine Creek is adjacent to John Venezia Park, one of the best parks in Colorado Springs, and has convenient access to shopping options in Briargate, Northgate, and the Powers Corridor. Its location is perfect for nearly anything you need in Colorado Springs. Home styles range from grand luxury mansions to average-sized single-family dwellings.

⭕️ Median Sales Price: $775,000

⭕️ Average Home Size: 4,000 sq. ft.

⭕️ Average Year Built: 2001

Indigo Ranch

Indigo Ranch is situated between Stetson Hills and Banning Lewis Ranch, near the Powers Corridor. This neighborhood is popular because it combines the features of a newer development with the charm of an established community. Many homes here were designed and built by Classic Homes, one of the largest builders in town, and they continue to build new homes in the “Renaissance” section off Dublin Blvd.

Jared Jenson Park is a standout amenity in Indigo Ranch, complemented by several other parks. The neighborhood also connects to the extensive trail system throughout Stetson Hills, Colorado Springs’ largest neighborhood. This allows residents to walk for miles from their front door without retracing their steps.

⭕️ Median Sales Price: $544,000

⭕️ Average Home Size: 2,740 sq. ft.

⭕️ Average Year Built: 2008


Cordera is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, featuring unique amenities that set it apart. The developers have created a “neighborly” feel uncommon in newer developments, with extra-wide sidewalks and a large Grand Lawn for community events. Cordera continues to expand with new sections each year, making it a popular choice for new home construction.

Located at the northeast corner of Powers Blvd and Briargate Blvd, Cordera offers quick access to anywhere in town. A Super Target Shopping Center is within walking distance, along with excellent local restaurants and shops. If you’re considering this neighborhood, spend some time at one of the parks on a beautiful day, and you’ll quickly see why people love it so much.

⭕️ Median Sales Price: $792,000

⭕️ Average Home Size: 3,690 sq. ft.

⭕️ Average Year Built: 2019


Gleneagle is a distinctive neighborhood situated on the northern edge of Colorado Springs, adjacent to the southern border of Monument, CO. Its proximity to I-25 makes it a popular choice for Denver commuters. Additionally, it’s just minutes away from Northgate’s shopping and dining options.

While Gleneagle once featured a golf course, it has recently closed, with new housing developments taking its place in some areas. This neighborhood is continually evolving, yet its prime location keeps it on our favorites list. Gleneagle offers unique homes that stand out from those in newly built neighborhoods. The lots are larger and boast incredible views, especially in the back section of the community. If you’re exploring the area, be sure to check out this northeast corner neighborhood.

⭕️ Median Sales Price: $627,500

⭕️ Average Home Size: 3,300 sq. ft.

⭕️ Average Year Built: 1993

Editorial Note-

Some of these images and some of the stats were provided by a local real estate agent here in Colorado Springs. His name is John Korpita his company is Great Colorado Homes. He is a super great resource for tons of great real estate content here for Colorado Springs. If you are looking for a local real estate agent you would be crazy to not attempt to hire John and his team. His website can be reached here

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